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Default Re:Premiership Thread

How do you sack the owner?

This from the local press seems to outline most of it

Yesterday’s events began with Keegan flying into a rage at Newcastle’s Longbenton training ground following Monday’s purchase of Xisco and Ignacio Gonzalez – players he had not asked to be signed – and the club’s attempt to sell Joey Barton and Michael O w e n ahead of M o n d ay ’s t r a n s f e r deadline.

He then travelled to St James’ Park for a meeting with Llambias, which is understood to have ended in a slanging match.

Keegan left the ground in a hurry and returned to his home to consider his future, and at that time it was believed that the club had told the former European Footballer of the Year that he had been sacked.

But as the day progressed and the crowds outside St James’ Park began to swell, a series of increasingly frantic meetings at the ground ended with club officials attempting to broker a compromise agreement that would enable Keegan to remain as manager.

Newcastle’s coaching staff have been told to expect Keegan at training this morning as usual, but yesterday’s events have exposed the deep divisions within the St James’ Park boardroom and made his position all but untenable.
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