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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post
I knew it already of course but listing these drafts as you have really illustrates why we spent so long in the doldrums. Huff, Russell and McFadden?

My God...
It is a little crazy when you see these teams, perennially picking in the top 10, coming away with bad pick after bad pick.

Raiders: Phillip Buchanon (17), Napoleon Harris (23), Asomugha (31), Tyler Brayton (32), Gallery (2), Washington (23), Huff (7), Russell (1), McFadden (4)...…………

Jaguars: Henderson (9), Leftwich (7), Reggie Williams (9), Matt Jones (21), Marcedes Lewis (28), Reggie Nelson (21), Derrick Harvey (8)...….

Lions: Joey Harrington (3), Charles Rogers (2), Roy Williams (7), Kevin Jones (30), Mike Williams (10), Ernie Sims (9), Calvin Johnson (2), Gosder Cherilus (17)……..

........and i'm sure there are plenty more teams too. When you look at Draft history, and I've thought this for a while, sometimes you are better off picking at #11-20 rather than the top 10. (Obviously not, but teams in the top 10 do a really bad job of talent evaluation.)
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