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So for Orton's so called problems you put down to bubble screens and 6 yd passes. Orton doesn't call the plays - not really his problem. He has an arm strong enough to play in the NFL. His arm is not as strong as Cutler's was. His decision making is. It is as strong as Matt Schaub's arm - I'll take that. As I say what he did at Purdue showed he has a strong arm. Against the Redskins he showed the deep ball. In fact in game one he zipped a 30 yarder to Marshall which Marshall dropped. Bear in mind Orton's ankle never fully recovered after the Redskins game - it needs the offseason to and that he had a broken finger for 3 weeks didn't help the zip. Though his throws were better than Simms, who is not a QB, certainly not in the NFL. I seriously think he could be gone.

Now Orton needs a good supporting cast. When the O line collapsed it collapsed. Peyton Manning is a freak the way he releases the ball quickly - a normal QB such as Orton has to take what he can when the upfront blocking is poor. Also the drops were just unacceptable and in the 2nd year of this system the RBs will become more involved and there will be an increase in the importance of the slot receiver - look for Royal to be in the slot a lot. Imagine him getting manned up by a LB - he will be gone!

Oh, and bubble screens are actually quite complex for what they are. And Dilfer still won a Super Bowl - and if you listen to him you would think he did it all by himself. Poor chap
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