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Who Dat! Saw this topic and thought I'd throw in a few of my favourite places in New Orleans that I reckon you might want to check out! (They're predominantly food-based as that's what it's all about for me.. well that and obviously the football!).

I'll kick off in the French Quarter as that's probably the first port of call when in New Orleans! It's a really interesting little grid to just walk around, and there really are hundreds of places to eat and drink around there. Bourbon is obviously crazy every night of the week, and bar-wise Pat O'Brien's is probably a must visit just to try the famous Hurricane and have a cigar or two! I'd say you've got to do the Quarter for one day and night really just to take it all in. As Deano's shouted though, Frenchmen Street is just a bit further north of the quarter and is lively and good for a change of scenery for music and drinking as well!

As far as eating in the French Quarter goes, one of my favourite places is Coops Place on Decatur. It does some real good fried chicken amongst other local specialties at a very reasonable price. It's a bit of a dive and the service is hit and miss, but it does the job! Yo Mama's on St Peter is a similar dive-ish place that specialises in burgers... and very good ones at that! And Johnny's Po Boys does a great range of Po Boys (which are a must try when you're in New Orleans). Would check out any of those if you want to eat good food for a very reasonable price!

Also don't know if you're into your cooking, but the New Orleans School of Cooking on St Louis does really reasonable walk-up classes every day. About $30 per person. You get a really interesting history lesson about New Orleans and the gulf coast, and then they talk you through demonstrations of how to cook some of the classics (jambalaya/gumbo/pecan pralines etc). And at the end, the best bit, you get served a three course meal of the stuff you've been shown how to cook... along with free beer as well!

As far as more upscale dining around the Quarter, I've only ever really been to Emeril's just outside the Quarter in the Warehouse District. It is really good food - think a modern twist on some of the creole/cajun classics. It is a bit on the pricey side though and you probably wouldn't rock up there in shorts and T-shirt in the evening... but yeah... if you want a bit of style it's deffo some good stuff! Good bar list as well.

One thing I'd definitely recommend is taking a street car away from the French Quarter and heading down St Charles Avenue. (The "Green" street cars take you all the way down St Charles Avenue to Uptown and you can catch them from just off Canal Street). Really cool houses down there, and you can hop on and off all day with a day pass to just walk around where you please really. Tulane University is en-route and you can just get off and wander around the campus if you want - it's pretty nice! Audubon Park/Zoo is down that way as well. The Zoo is actually really good compared to others I've been to!

Eating wise in that end of town, if you take the green St Charles street car nearly all the way down to South Carollton and Oak St then there are some pretty cool places on Oak Street itself. Interesting independent/bric-a-brac type shops and some great restaurants and bars. Probably what has become my favourite restaurant in New Orleans (Jacques Imo's) is on Oak Street. Just a real unpretentious and quintessentially "New Orleanian" creole/cajun eatery that does quality food. Everything on the menu seems to hit the spot. Really recommend the seafood options though, have tried the blackened redfish and grouper and both were money. The duck and sausage gumbo was some of the best I've had as well. They always have a couple of speciality cocktails on the menu too, and a good range of the local gulf coast beers. Service and atmosphere is good fun. It's probably a little bit on the pricey-side, but the food at Jacques Imo's really is that good. Next door is the Maple Leaf Bar which is pretty lively as well! So yeah I'd definitely recommend a trip down Oak Street one day/evening.

Another street out that way which is good for restaurants and bars is Magazine. You can walk down onto Magazine Street from any street car stop on St Charles Avenue as it runs parallel to it to the south. There's a place on Magazine and 9th called The Rum House which seems really cool. I've only been there once but was really impressed. It specialises in caribbean food with Taco sampler plates being the order of the day. Really, really tasty though! And then to top it off they have about 150 different types of Rum on the menu as well to help you on your way ha! They also a nice selection of "F*ck Goodell" T-shirts for sale as well, which particularly endeared myself to the place!

I think that's all the recommendations I can think of for now! In all honest there are so many great places in New Orleans you can't go far wrong! Any other questions though just give me a shout and I'll try my best to answer.

And enjoy your trip... Monday Night Football in the Dome really is a thing to behold!
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