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Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
As you're a Steelers fan, you may want to have a passing interest in Iowa, if only for the fact that they model their uniforms after the Steelers!

Ah really, thats interesting. I actually have family in Iowa and years ago went to Des Moines to see them.

Originally Posted by Northumberland Knight View Post
Well as native of Middlesbrough, I'm even less of a glory hunter!!! Started following UCF as they were one of the teams played in Dublin last year, I knew there was 25,000 Penn State fans coming and only around 5,000 from Orlando, so as a Boro fan, I had to go with the underdog!

There is bizarrely a Boro connection with Louisville too. They caught my eye a few seasons ago with Teddy Bridgewater was their QB. I did a bit of research on the city and discovered that they have a bridge over there which is like a mini replica of Middlesbrough's Newport bridge, so the deal was done!
Ah,I feel your pain ! I do like the idea of having some sort of connection with the team you support as clearly you have. Thats how I sort of picked Steelers as NFL team. Apart from Notre Dame there isnt any connection with the other teams but I'll just enjoy watching the games and learning the game & about the teams as I go.
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