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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
The question mark with Big Ben is can he stay healthy? Eli's Giants look pretty loaded too if their O line can find some consistency. OL issues effect Rivers too.

I'd want to say YES for both BR and EM really, but everyone cant get in. (although in hindsight they perhaps should have been YES, because they will get in eventually one way or another.
I think its worth remembering how (relatively) poor the QB classes between 2009 and 2013 are when thinking about the potential log jam.

Matt Stafford and Sam Bradford are the only notably names from the first two. Neither man's career stands up to BR or EM and Stafford vs. Rivers would be an interesting debate. 2011 has Cam Newton and Andy Dalton. Dalton without a playoff win is an unlikely candidate. Newton's got QB rushing records and one special season but has been far more inconsistent than the log jam guys.

2012 was the year of Luck and Griffin. We can dismiss Griffin outright. Luck obviously has a lot of year's left (everyone on this list has really) but he's not put together a HOF career yet. He's only got 1 win in the playoffs and has failed to take his team into the post-season regularly despite being in a perceived poor division. Ryan Tannehill was the other 1st round QB but I doubt anyone is likely to be putting forward his candidacy.

The potential anomaly is Russell Wilson. He is the only QB from 2009 to now to win a Superbowl ring. He has also taken his team to another one and won a game in the playoff every year he has been in the league. Yet his candidacy would be controversial in itself. Many feel (like BR before him) that it was his defence that did the heavy lifting and he has mostly excelled in the rare run first offence. How that would be seen with voters is interesting.

Then 2013 is a complete bust unless EJ Manuel or Geno Smith have a shock career renaissance.

This gives the 2004 class (and those not locked around them) some considerable time to get in.
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