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It feels like the Cowboys are going to be up against it re-signing ALL of their young talent over the next couple of years. I don't know what to make of the Cowboys current cap situation but they're going to need every cent of it to keep this young roster together.

Currently they have the 4th most cap space available in 2020. $84m. They could push that north of $90m too by parting ways with a then 30 year old Tyrone Crawford and his $9.1m cap number. That would leave them with the most cap space in the league!

Looking back over the last 5 years of the cap it's increased from $143.28m in 2015, to $188.2m in 2019. Looking at it year on year the increases have been (roughly), 8% (2015-16), 7% (2016-17), 6% (2017-18), 5% (2018-19). A gradual decrease in growth, and a pattern that would suggest a rise of somewhere around 4% from 2019-20. So the 2020 cap could be roughly $195m. So the Cowboys could have even more room to play with.

Problem is, they've got to sign:

Dak Precott, QB. 25: Their potential Franchise QB. Is he worth $30m+/year though? Personally, no, but if you're going to pay a 'veteran' QB he's not a bad veteran QB to pay.

Ezekiel Elliott, RB. 23: A 2-time NFL rushing leader that they invested the 4th overall selection on in 2016, and is clearly the key to their offence. These days though people aren't exactly queuing up to pay RB's, let alone pay them $15m+/year. Personally, pay him sooner rather than later. As soon as they committed to drafting a RB as high as they did it always had to end in a 2nd contract.

Amari Cooper, WR. 24: The 4th overall selection from 2015, but they 'only' had to give up the 27th to get him. He undoubtedly made a difference to an otherwise floundering offence in 2018. Considering how he was acquired they surely have to pay him, but $16m+/year? Even though the Cowboys are a run-first offence, he showed how important he was. Personally, just like Zeke, if you've invested draft capital in him then you have to pay him, sooner rather than later.

Byron Jones, CB. 26: Another 2015 Draft pick, this time the 27th overall selection. He took a while to find his feet (not helped by being bounced from Safety to Corner) but he was 2nd Team All-Pro in 2018 and seems to be trending upwards with Kris Richard onboard. The Dolphins just gave Xavien Howard a 5-year, $76.5M extension with $46M guaranteed. $51m over the first 3 years of the deal. Personally, if the first 3 get signed it's hard to see how Jones gets a deal done. If he's willing to take a 'hometown discount' then maybe they find a way, but why should he?

Jaylon Smith, LB. 23: A feel good story, and the 34th overall selection from 2016. He's gone from a potential top 5 draft pick, to possibly never playing football again, and now back to potential super-stardom. He's a RFA in 2020 due to his 'red-shirt' rookie season, so no great rush to get things done, but he'll still need paying in 2021. Personally, with what they invested in him, and the feel good factor that surrounds a person like Smith, they have to find a way to keep him. Is a LB positionally as important as a CB1? I don' know, many would say no.

Lael Collins, OT. 25: Another Draft day faller that ended up as a Cowboys, as an UDFA this time round. Collins' contract is up at the end of 2019. Good linemen are hard to find, but it seems as if the Cowboys have contingency plans in place to move on from Collins. Personally, the right move. Collins is decent enough, but he isn't as good as the contract he'll demand. He might even be a better Guard than Tackle.

There are numerous tags, tenders, and options open to the Cowboys, but it's going to be fascinating how this all plays out. At least to me anyway.

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