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Originally Posted by Cliff The Cowboy View Post
Bronchos get one why not us?

wot do all other cowboys think of Jullius jones and how he performed over the .......6 games he got to play this season?
30th January 2005. The creation of this thread. (Thanks Cliff)

101 pages later, plenty of Cowboys chatter and discussion has been had.

I wasn't around for the early days of the Cowboys thread, a shame really. Would've been much more fun if it had sustained a thriving Cowboys community for the entirety of the last 14 years or so.

Nevertheless, for those Cowboys fans I've chatted to over the years it's been a pleasure. Always great to chat to knowledgably fans who follow the team week in, week out, all year round. Tbh, even during the quiet times its been good to just throw our thoughts out there on all things Cowboys.

Julius Jones eh? Makes me feel old!

(Just realised good ol' Julius is 3 weeks younger than me. This thread has taught me things to the very end it would seem! )
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