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Originally Posted by maxwhittleNFL View Post
Hey Vikings gang,

I have an opportunity some of you may be interested in. Peter King wants me to follow a diehard fan of one of the Cardinals, Rams, Vikings, Browns, Dolphins or Saints during this year's International Series for a video special and I'm on the lookout for that one fan.

If you think you have what it takes - a passion for the Vikings and the league with stories to tell and up for being on camera - please let me know and I'll be in touch. I'll be filming with you on gameday and you will have access to the field pre-game to make the most of the film.

This is a great opportunity for the NFL in the UK and I'm very excited!

Thanks all,

Max (Find me on Twitter @max_whittle if you want to drop me a line that way)
I am not on twitter but the Vikings have done a piece on me ( at the game vs Cleveland) which was the week before the Steelers game in London. So I suspect that I meet your criteria

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