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I think the O-Line, WR and CB are our biggest needs. As others have said most of oyur O-Line problems stem from having everyone playing out of position this year. We had a great O-Line in 2009 and if we can get Gaither back then I think we will be fine. The problem is he is Harbs infamous "doghouse" so we probably wont be attempting to re-sign him.

WR is my biggest worry. We have a bunch of guys getting paid decent money who's only apparent skill is *******g and moaning. Mason cant get separation anymore and Boldin and Houshmandzadeh cant make basic level catches when we need them to. Stallworth was a complete wasted roster spot this year as we only used him on reverses.

We also need a shut down corner. Asomugha is too pricey so that deal will never happen, so hopefully we need to draft one, but I cant remember the last time we drafted or signed a good CB so am not holding out too much hope.

Either way, if we go into next season with Cam and Flacco running the offense we are dead in the water. These guys are 1-12 in the last 3 years against Brady, Roethlisberger and P Manning and that's who we need to beat in the AFC, so until one of both of them are replaced by someone more competent it really doesnt matter how much tweaking we do in the other positions
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