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Hi guys

Just woke up (half day off work ) - First of all many thanks to BMW_1975 for sorting me out some tickets and great to catch up with Syborg (he was the one with the Dolphins hat if you don't know by know).

Overall it was a good Superbash but have to say thought certain things from previous years were better (although I wasn't drinking this time so maybe that has something to do with it).

Cheerleaders were ace with their performances, Neil and Arlo were quite good actually with their crowd interaction (different from Nelson) and it was great to listen to Tiki (couldn't believe how small he was). Kicking competition was good too. Food was quite good and FREE soft drinks was a brilliant gesture in addition to the well organised transport again

Bad points for me were the Scarlets (sorry but they s&cked and didn't help their cause by the blonde lead singer screeching abuse back at the crowd. Yes the cwho may have been harsh but - cmon making comments like "You smell of wee"... didn't allure to her intelligence. Probably not the right group for the audience). Flawless and the Saturdays (SUPERB) from previous years were miles better.

Also as someone stated earlier, couldn't get two seats together because of people "reserving" their seats. I understand if you pop up to get a beer but there were lots of seats with coats on and were empty on and off throught a couple of quarters.

I also agree that the TV didn't seem quite as good as last year but it might have been the poor sound on and off that brings this to mind.

Not a bad point but the last couple of years the Cheerleaders came out on the floor and a lot of people (me included) got some photos (did I miss it this year lol) and of course the Herta Hot Dog girls .

Overall a really good Superbash. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, the game was excellent too. Get the CBA sorted and roll on next season.

Cheers guys


ps - I was wearing the Marino 13 jersey (but not with the Rodgers mask on lol) - where did they get those masks they were cool.

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