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Signed in late (was sure it was 8pm like the keeper DOH)

QB - Vick
QB - Bradford

RB - Bush
RB - McCoy
RB - Benson
RB - Mendenhall

WR - Boldin
WR - Jennings
WR - Garcon
WR - Burleson
WR - Moss

TE - Graham

K - Prater

DEF - Steelers

Not too happy to be honest. IF I had signed in early I would have probably picked Brady with my first pick and gone RB second round.

Still on paper it aint bad providing Vick stays healthy. Gamble on Moss/Mendenhall (who is nearing fitness I hear - between wk3 - wk5) and Benson who I think will be the GB starter.

Weak area is probably my WR.


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