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Originally Posted by Stubbsy #21 View Post
People on trains in the rush hour who have taken their kids out to London for the day and then ***** and moan about there not being enough seats for their little darlings to sit down!

Newsflash! The shortage of seats on trains is hardly a new issue as most of us have to deal with it on a daily basis. Either put up and shut up or travel outside the rush hour where your more likely to get a seat. Having said that I've got no problem giving up my seat to people who genuinely need it like if your pregnant, elderly or disabled.
If you want a good day out with decent priced tickets with the family you may have to travel a rush hour train and you try dealing with kids who have to stand on a train for maybe an hour or more - I bet you would tear your hair out - it can be bad enough when they are sat down but to have them standing - OUCH..
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