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Originally Posted by Lagunium View Post
NHS spending is approximately 8.5% of GDP. Even for someone like myself who's a "if it's not nailed down it's best left in the hands of the market" libertarian I have to conclude it works remarkably well, although that's not to say that there isn't any waste and efficiency. We're about 13th in the world in terms of health spending per head (from all sources) and 13th in outcome. It's the adminstration side that is shockingly cheap - I was genuinely taken aback - it's amazing how much having to bill people costs in systems not free at the point of use.
As I personally am a conservative libertarian I think its strange that someone with a libertarian view point would support the NHS.

If you got rid of the waste, at some points incompetence (I've just had a very bad time dealing with the NHS where they sent some wrong patient records causing many problems) and over-management it could be a truly excellent system, rather than the merely good one it is at the present. You must remember however, that it's only possible because we vastly underpay medical staff.
If people are willing to accept the money they are being payed then we are paying people the right amount, if we have a staff shortage then people need to be payed more.
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