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This season was heartbreaking as seems to be the case every season these days, especially after showing so much promise in the season opener.

I felt bad for Romo and Witten who had arguably the best seasons of their careers and still didn't make the play-offs.

Prior to this season I thought if Romo doesn't get it done this year he has to go but I changed my mind a few weeks ago, With next to no O-Line or running game he was incredible (other than the VS. the Bears and obviously the final game VS. the Skins).

I think he (Romo) definitely deserves to show what he can do next season with a good Offensive line, a line that would also help the running game. However they should look at bringing a future starting QB prospect next season and have him learning the game as a back up. Tony wont be around forever.

Did you know we haven't had one season with a back running for over 1000 yards since 2006 (Julius Jones) the line has a lot to do with it for sure.

They need to concentrate mainly on improving the shocking Offensive Line and the horrible Defensive line.

I'm afraid Rex Ryans coaching has to be questioned too. How they didn't find a way to stop the run VS. The Redskins who ran the same predictable play 80% of the game was a joke and how can a 50% RGIII with a gammy leg "run" for a touchdown without getting touch. That game was sooo frustrating.

He also had 9 players on the field for one play against the Saints!! come on man, I haven't ever seen that, 10 sure but 9??? what the heck.

Miles Austin has to go too, dude is always injured. He had one great season got his big contract and hasn't been a factor since and he doesn't seem to have much heart when he plays.

Other players who shined this season for me were Dez Bryant, he was a beast playing with multiple injuries and became arguably a top 5 WR in the NFL.

Dwayne Harris, he is a nice 3rd Receiver, not the fastest guy but a tough competitor did fairly well on Special teams,

Brandon Carr was ballin too much needed. Mo looks like he will come good and Carter can obviously play.

well that was a bit of a rant, sorry if its all over the place and doesn't make for easy reading. LOL

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