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Originally Posted by nflcowboys View Post
Offensive line needs sorting out.

Then we ll have a running game, then Romo wont have to throw every down!!

We have much more pressing needs than Romo.
Couldn't agree more, Romo isn't the problem but relying on him to try to make plays due to poor O line and lack of run game is.

He needs a decent line to give him more protection (how effective has Eli been when no-one gets to touch him, he's no greater player than Romo but has better protection) and he does need to run a bit more. The skins game saw an easy first down if he ran, he didn't and threw an incompletion and then we punted. I'm not suggesting he try to be like Vick or RG3 but he could do a bit more.

Get a decent o line to block and create holes for Murray and we will be fine.
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