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My take on the season was near yet so far. They finally showed some fighting spirit and heart, which I don't think they've had for many a year. With all the blows taken I'm not even sure Parcells would have got them to 8-8 (even though in the end that was a disappointment) so that has to be credit to Garrett.

At QB, Romo is more of the answer than the problem. We don't win more than five games without him. As poor as the O-line had tendencies to be, without his ability to move around, he gets hit a lot more and maybe injured. Then where would we be? The time is now though to start scouting for the next one. This year's draft class isn't great but we shouldn't be looking high up. Next year may be more interesting however. Be interesting to see how his re-negotiations go.

RB is an issue. Murray is good, isn't always helped by his line and FB, but there needs to be more. Felix is gone. They clearly have issues over Tanner such was how scarcely he was used, so I would expect Dunbar to remain on a one year deal to fight for the 2/3 spot. We need one lower down -4th round and lower. Lets be honest it'll need to be someone who can play. Murray doesn't stay healthy and we need to accept that.

FB is perhaps something that may change. Vickers was too hit and miss and with John Philips an UFA, we may need to look at this.

WR is a concern behind Dez. Austin is too injury prone and too high a salary now. But I don't think he'll be leaving. Dwayne Harris has done enough now that the era of Ogletree will be over. Beasley I like and hope he gets a shot. Don't forget Danny Coale who is talented and I think they'll give him every chance to step up.

O-line needs a lot of consideration, but I don't have it as our top priority. We're just one year removed from a major overhaul and investment. Costa is their guy at Centre, Tyron on the left. I think they need a LG as Livings was poor. Bernadeau had his moments but I think he returns. At RT, Free improved when Parnell started rotating with him but that's not saying much. I don't think unless someone in particular becomes available he'll be out but definitely a pick (or maybe even two) in the first four look possible.

Biggest concern for me is D-line. They're old, if you take out Lissemore and Crawford. Brent is finished sadly. Hatcher is in the prime. But the rest are knackered. This must be the top priority. No pass rush and little against the run. Imagine how good Ware, Lee, Carter would be behind a stout line.

Line backer is set for a long time. Like what Sims and Albright brought us when they needed to. Spencer gets the franchise tag again, because the money is simply too prohibitive to give him a long term deal at the minute.

Secondary is interesting. Carr and Mo are set for a while and both performed well in the main. Sensabaugh is fine. But will Barry Church come back ok? Will the invisible man Matt Johnson get the chance to step up? I think if there's someone out there at FS available we need to have a strong look at them. With Jenkins going we'll need a bit of help at DB, though I liked Sterling Moore and think he could stick around.

Coaching wise, I think Garrett is a decent HC. I still have questions over the game management and play-calling. But do wonder if an OC causes yet another 'controversy' we don't really need. Rob Ryan did ok with what he had to deal with and I think is worth another year.
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