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My overall view is that , sadly not much has changed in the last few years,

Many fellow cowboys supporters want Romo to go, and as frustrating as sometimes his game is, he still is a great QB imo, and to be honest i cant think of anyone better to replace him with, I do think however, we do need to think about drafting a young rookie QB, this year or next to take over the reigns in a few seasons time.

Penalties- still annoy the hell out of me, why to we have soo many, particulary our offence (117 to be precise!!), so often we have been in a situation where its 2nd or 3rd and long, which is obviously a passing situation , and this ultimatley ends in Romo trying to do too much, hence the turnovers.

The above could be lessened if we could run the ball, but this hasnt happened either! Murray the leading rusher of the team has a dismall 600 plus yard season, which wont cut it!.

I agreed with a lot of comments our DL is getting old and should be looked at, and our secondary needs to tighten up, the team had only 7 interceptions all year!

Am i the only one who just felt the team didn't play with any passion or belief this year(or discipline) to me this stems from the coaching which is the area that needs to be changed.
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