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Name: Brian

Age: 41

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Occupation: Automobile industry

Favorite current Colts: Peyton Manning, Dallas Clark, & Dwight Freeney

Favorite ex-Colt: Marvin Harrison

Fan since: 1984

Why you decided to support the Colts: When the Colts moved from Baltimore to my hometown in '84, I naturally had to support them. At that time, I was a Steelers fan (still am), but the hometown identity has grown on me and I support the Colts through good seasons & bad seasons. I also lived in San Diego for 6 years in the late '80s & early '90s. I enjoy the Chargers, too, but the Colts are my #1 team.

Favorite moment as a Colts fan: The "Manning Era"!

It's great to see all of the NFL fans over in the UK, especially Colts fans! Hopefully one day, the NFL will have expansion teams in the UK and have them fitted into the schedules.
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