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Name: Bobby Inman

Age: 34

Location: Plymouth Devon

Occupation: HMV

Favourite current Colts: Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders, Austin Collie, Reggie Wayne

Favourite ex-colts: Marvin Harrison, Cato June, Marshall Faulk

Fan since: 1998

Why I follow the Colts: I am originally from Tennessee and (like we all did) delighted in watching Peyton through his 4 years at UT. In 98 when he was drafted was also the year the Tennessee Titans were created. For the first 4 years it was acceptable to be both a Colts and Titans fan, but when the NFL realigned and they were put in the same division an instant in-state rivalry was born. The realignment was a master stroke by the league, as it ensured Manning would come back to play in Tennessee at least once a year. (This is the fastest sell-out game for the Titans EVERY year!!)

Favorite Colts Moment: Either the AFC Championship comeback, or the multi TD comeback on Monday night football when they came back with only a couple of minutes left!!


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