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Another new follower of college football and this thread has been an absolute godsend !
I just recently realised how many college games are shown on BT Sport each week, I always thought only 1 or 2 were shown so never really got into it before.

Im keeping an open mind and trying to watch as many of the games as possible (especially top 25) but I have come across a few which I seem to be leaning towards. Any background /advice / views / reasons to not support any of these teams ?

Clemson - watched them a few times and seem a good exciting team to support
Notre Dame - catholic and irish family roots ... enough said
Alabama - watched them against LSU last night and instantly supported them, great atmosphere & stadium
Ohio State - family member in US suggested them

I think they are all towards to the Eastern US so hopefully will be on tv at a semi reasonable time of night. Also, is it possible to get tickets to College games ? Iv read some teams have been sold out for years on end !
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