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Originally Posted by bobbylee73 View Post
Another new follower of college football and this thread has been an absolute godsend !
I just recently realised how many college games are shown on BT Sport each week, I always thought only 1 or 2 were shown so never really got into it before.

Im keeping an open mind and trying to watch as many of the games as possible (especially top 25) but I have come across a few which I seem to be leaning towards. Any background /advice / views / reasons to not support any of these teams ?

Clemson - watched them a few times and seem a good exciting team to support
Notre Dame - catholic and irish family roots ... enough said
Alabama - watched them against LSU last night and instantly supported them, great atmosphere & stadium
Ohio State - family member in US suggested them

I think they are all towards to the Eastern US so hopefully will be on tv at a semi reasonable time of night. Also, is it possible to get tickets to College games ? Iv read some teams have been sold out for years on end !
Clemson is currently a good shout for a number of reasons, 1) At the risk of you becoming an immediate 'glory hunter', they're ranked #1, at 8-0. They have arguably the countries most in-form quarterback and great strength in depth across the team too, despite losing a number of players in the draft. Also, as you say they are Eastern time so they have been and I'm sure will continue to be a regular on BT over the next month or so as the season climaxes.

Notre Dame is a famously historied programme and if you have any remote Irish connection, could be a no brainer, However, despite a couple of recent BT slots, as an independent team with it's own TV contract for home games (with CBS I think) it's only usually their away games featured on BT.

Bama as you point out are a huge programme with massive support that DOES generate a great atmosphere at the 101,000+ Bryant Denny Stadium. However my impression is that supporting them is perhaps akin to getting into 'Soccer' and immediately supporting Man U or Chelsea! On the upside, they are on BT just about every single week.

Ohio State - ditto most of the above about Bama, except with slightly more limited BT coverage. The diehards on this board will attest to the fact that following a PAC12 team takes some dedication. A lot of their games are on Fox or their own PAC 12 Network, it can take years off your life, with the big time difference often meaning 3am kick offs.

Best of luck with your choice. For my sins, I follow 2 teams, Louisville Cardinals of the ACC and UCF of the AAC. The Cards are having an OK season and hopefully may be bowl-bound again, the Knights however have had one of the biggest falls from grace in history, following a recent Fiesta Bowl win against Baylor and a shared championship last season, they are currently 0-10!!!

Regarding college football tickets - I've not attended a US game yet, some on here have though, I get the impression that 'Stub-Hub' etc is the way forward, so expect to pay more and well over the odds for a big programme and a big game. More affordable possibly in the short term would be this, happening in Dublin - next Sept. I should point out that the atmosphere at last year's Penn State / UCF college game in Dublin was second to none. All who were there have said that with 20,000+ Americans travelling, it was way better than Nfl Wembley.

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