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Originally Posted by bobbylee73 View Post
Im keeping an open mind and trying to watch as many of the games as possible (especially top 25) but I have come across a few which I seem to be leaning towards. Any background /advice / views / reasons to not support any of these teams ?

Clemson - watched them a few times and seem a good exciting team to support
Notre Dame - catholic and irish family roots ... enough said
Alabama - watched them against LSU last night and instantly supported them, great atmosphere & stadium
Ohio State - family member in US suggested them
That's the best way. My advice would be to keep watching as many as you can. This is the first season I've really tried to pick a team to follow long term, but I've found myself flipping from one team to the next, as like you say, there are a lot to choose from. I get the feeling after a whole season of searching you'll narrow the list down considerably, then over time you'll settle on one or two.

One thing I would say is look for teams that have a reasonable chances of recruiting decent players. Without that I'd imagine the long term could be quite a grind.

Originally Posted by Northumberland Knight View Post
Best of luck with your choice. For my sins, I follow 2 teams, Louisville Cardinals of the ACC and UCF of the AAC. The Cards are having an OK season and hopefully may be bowl-bound again, the Knights however have had one of the biggest falls from grace in history, following a recent Fiesta Bowl win against Baylor and a shared championship last season, they are currently 0-10!!!
Ouch! Oh for Blake Bortles eh?
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