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Great stuff mate some good background info there, thanks very much ! I had a feeling they were all big/fairly big teams and as a lifelong Newcastle fan I tend not to do the glory following thing.
Thanks for the link, I hadnt even heard of college football being played in Dublin before, Iv registered on the site so hopefully can pick up a ticket when they get released.

How did you end up following Louisville and UCF (thats an impressive collapse !) ?

Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
That's the best way. My advice would be to keep watching as many as you can. This is the first season I've really tried to pick a team to follow long term, but I've found myself flipping from one team to the next, as like you say, there are a lot to choose from. I get the feeling after a whole season of searching you'll narrow the list down considerably, then over time you'll settle on one or two.

One thing I would say is look for teams that have a reasonable chances of recruiting decent players. Without that I'd imagine the long term could be quite a grind.
Yeah, I have kind of lost abit of interest in Premiership football lately and have been watching alot more NFL and college football so will see who stands out thru the rest of this season and next.
I suppose there isnt really an easy way to avoid jumping on the back of a big team as they will be the ones with most tv coverage.
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