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Originally Posted by bobbylee73 View Post
Yeah, I have kind of lost abit of interest in Premiership football lately and have been watching alot more NFL and college football so will see who stands out thru the rest of this season and next.
I suppose there isnt really an easy way to avoid jumping on the back of a big team as they will be the ones with most tv coverage.
As you're a Steelers fan, you may want to have a passing interest in Iowa, if only for the fact that they model their uniforms after the Steelers!

Iowa coincidentally had the same colours as the Steelers but it goes back to the 70's when the new coach at the time wanted to turn around their 17 straight losing seasons, and one of the changes he made was if they wanted to be winners, they had to dress like winners. (So why not pick the example of the Steelers? ) So the coach got the Steelers permission to replicate the design of Iowa's uniforms to be the same as theirs.

Iowa are doing quite well this season too at 9-0 although that record may flatter them a little. The last few years, they've been an up and down team (not great but not bad either) and sometimes making the top 25.

Having said all that, I'm a USC Trojans fan for college football myself! But I always keep an eye out for Iowa because of the Steelers 'link'.

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