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Originally Posted by bobbylee73 View Post
Northumberland Knight

Great stuff mate some good background info there, thanks very much ! I had a feeling they were all big/fairly big teams and as a lifelong Newcastle fan I tend not to do the glory following thing.
Thanks for the link, I hadnt even heard of college football being played in Dublin before, Iv registered on the site so hopefully can pick up a ticket when they get released.

How did you end up following Louisville and UCF (that's an impressive collapse !)
Well as native of Middlesbrough, I'm even less of a glory hunter!!! Started following UCF as they were one of the teams played in Dublin last year, I knew there was 25,000 Penn State fans coming and only around 5,000 from Orlando, so as a Boro fan, I had to go with the underdog!

There is bizarrely a Boro connection with Louisville too. They caught my eye a few seasons ago with Teddy Bridgewater was their QB. I did a bit of research on the city and discovered that they have a bridge over there which is like a mini replica of Middlesbrough's Newport bridge, so the deal was done!
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