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Just one more thing to mention Bobby, I wouldn't be a true ambassador of the college game if I didn't point you in the direction of some of the smaller conferences, particularly (in terms of BT TV) the Mid American Conference, or - MAC.

Comprising of smaller schools in the Mid North of the country often in areas dominated for mass-support by the likes of big boys - Ohio State, Michigan et all. These schools usually play a lot of mid-week late night games in the late Autumn / winter.

Although less known than those big schools, these teams, for instance, Toledo, Western Michigan, Northern Illinois, Bowling Green and Ohio to name a few, play a great brand of football, often in poor weather towards the end of the season, in front of comparatively small crowds. But it's a hugely entertaining league with teams full of heart. Kids who are not necessarily playing for 'the draft', like your standard SEC prospect, but who are just doing it for the hell of it and to be hometown heroes. Think 'Friday Night Lights' on a much grander scale.

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