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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post
I saw the All or Nothing series and agree with your view. He seemed pretty blue collar to me but, with those things, you just never know. It could have been edited to death. I quite like the player but worry he may be one of those college stars who just don't have enough of everything to make it in the pros. Here's the article:

Ed Oliver gets a mention too.

With Murray, for me, it's all about the measurables. Arrogance can be a good thing in a QB but I just think he's too small. I really don't buy his height at the combine and his playing weight is under 200lbs. That just doesn't cut it for me at QB and, while I know that there are some smaller QB's in the league there isn't one that small. Wilson might be short (he's not really though) but he's heavy enough and stocky enough. Mayfield is over 6ft and 210lbs. Personally I just don't get that people can sell themselves on Murrays size by using two players who are both taller and heavier? That's not to say he's not talented, he clearly is, but I wouldn't draft him. At all. I hope to God we don't.

By way of an explanation, there's a lot of talk about him having to play from the shotgun? That matters. It's not just about him being out from Centre (although that does matter) it changes everything. Blocking, timing with Receivers, hand offs, the lot. It also allows the opposition to plan for one type of attack. He is too small to take snaps from under Centre, even those championing him, admit that. Do I really want to overhaul my entire Offensive gameplan just to take a chance on some Pee Wee guy with a bucket load of talent? I also hate taking players with 1 year of production and wonder how well he'd do were he playing college ball this fall with all the opposition now having a year of tape. RGIII showed how that can go in the pro's. Just too much risk for me.
Completely agree arrogance is at times a necessity in a QB but I think too much of it can stop you from continuously improving. But his demeanour is speculative on my part, I agree with you about the one year thing and probably a better way to frame it in that he hasn't demonstrated he can keep getting better because he's only played Big 12 defences and only played them once. On his height, I'm with you in that I don't like measurables comps to prove potential success but I also don't think it proves potential failure, I think it means he'll be an exception to the rule and there won't be many exceptions so buyer beware. Don't get me wrong I like him on the field - will post a bit of my evaluation of him in another reply.

Interesting reading on Winovich and Oliver, you could see that possibly with Winovich but I also wonder whether there is some mischief in that quote with both of them candidates to slide and us only being two weeks out now.
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