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Kyler Murray eval extract:

He has ridiculous accuracy and his ball location can be, at times, nothing short of perfection. He has the arm to make all the throws. You would like to see a little less happy feet when in the pocket and a little more assured movement and pocket presence. Some more pro style schemes have confused him when faced at Oklahoma. He has a funky delivery but it does provide for a consistent and quick release which will help him at the next level. Although he didn’t struggle with passing lanes most of the season, it was interesting to see a batted ball against an SEC defensive line. The timing and touch on his throws is special. He throws exceptionally well on the run, deep as well, and unscripted but when he has to sit back in the pocket and read a defense he gets impatient and inconsistent with his feet and throwing motion. He can force it and make bad decisions when chasing a game, and he hasn’t been chasing a game that much.
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