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Noll has long been maligned by the NFL intelligentsia.

We love to latch onto innovators...and (rightfully so) - Don Coryall and Bill Walsh...(won 3, architect of 4 - closest comparison to Noll - taking over a crap-crap franchise) - but we celebrate Walsh...(again, rightfully so) and yet for the past 30 years - Noll gets the Bradshaw treatment. (Not rightfully so)

Sure he won...but...marbles. So the refrain went.

Hell, Madden gets more respect than Noll and Noll beat Madden 3 out of 4 times...albeit one was crazy cheating anomaly b.s. can we go back in time and use video technology to reverse this prevision!

All I can say fans we love the gameplan and chess match...and in the 70's when Noll was was seen as a game of pure aggression - rules allowed brutality and blunting of of so-called genius.

But that also occurred during Lombardi's reign...and he gets all the praise but Noll never did.

Even as a Raiders fan...I have to admit, Noll really not got his due...because the 70's were so brutal we don't look at that decade as strategic. Poppycock.

It was immensely strategic for it's time...and Noll knew early on and created the D can win a game, a SB concept...people think the NFL was all D before the 80's - it wasn't. It was pass happy.

Noll introduced the concept of D wins championships. He may not be remembered as a great offensive mind (which we love) but he introduced the standard for years and years and years...D wins championships.

I can't hate Noll...because the Steelers and Raiders were mirror images...but Noll - in the 70's did it better when it mattered - we were so close and so similar - but he took home the hardware by crafting a team that was going to suffocate you.

Before the 1985 Bears - there was Chuck Noll.

The man who used his first draft pick to take Joe Greene.

If Chuck Noll never existed, the Raiders would have probably won 5 Super Bowls in the 1970' a bitter opponent...that's the greatest compliment I can amazing adversary, who had a vision for defense..and drafted like no other.

Steeler nation lost their papa bear. He made the Steelers.

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