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So in order to keep this thread afloat....

Here's my opinion of the up and coming opponents this season


Colts - I'm guessing Peyton's fairly peeved about losing to the Pats, so I'm guessing the rout is on in this one. We are 0 - 3 to the Colts at home before you object, and although I think the Colts will win, it definatly won't be as one sided, them pesky colts are going to work for that win, mainly due to the possible loss of Edgerrin James.

Winner - Colts

Titans - To be honest, I'm thinking win here for the texans. And heres why:

The first player that comes into your head when thinking of the Titans is always Steve McNair.

Hes old and very injury prone, it's not looking too bad for us here.

Winner - Texans

Jaguars - Fairly recently the Texans were beating the Jags fairly easily, to be honest I'm thinking Texans to win, although thats a maybe, the Jags could have a good season as well.

Winner - Texans

Steelers - I think big Ben's going to be unbelievable next season (in a good way) and the Steelers defence is not to be messed with. Probably the only team capable of beating the Pats next season.

Winner - Steelers

Browns - >Yes they sneaked a victory last time, but now that they have the Pats DC as head coach... Too early to call yet, we just have to see how well he fits in with the browns.

Winner - Undecided

Chiefs - We caused an upset win last time , but unless Priest Holme's legs suddenly fall off...

Seriously though... Texans to win, it'll be close though, their defence is slightly naff (but so is ours ).

Winner - Texans

Cardinals - OOooOOooOO dinny mess fellas! Its the mean budgie look this season!

To be honest, the loss of Emitt Smith is a great one... Texans win then.

Winner - Texans

Rams - The Greatest Show On Turf!!! Guess we should play them on grass then...

To be honest, it looks like a win for the Rams here, buts that undecided so far.

Winner - Rams (maybe)


Colts, Jaguars and Titans are the same as home I'm guessing.

Ravens - Ah nuts...

One of the best defences in the NFL! Doh...

Winner - Ravens

Bengals - I honestly feel the Bengals could have a good season this year. Honestly! I'm not insane! Win here for the Bengals here probably.

Winner - Bengals

Seahawks - With Matt Hasselback and Shaun Alexander maybe leaving this season... looks like a win

(although by saying so this will become a challenge to fate, therefore she will give the Seahawks supernatural football playing powers - expect super bowl celebrations in Seattle this season )

49ers - Hard to say

With a new head coach, you can never be sure, undecided here.

Winner - Undecided

Bills - I'm really not sure about the descision to release Bledsoe, so this ones undecided as well.

Winner - Undecided

So what does everyone think? Am I wrong? Most definatly, please post your own views, including the 2 other texan fans we have ;D
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