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[quote author=duggay link=board=1;threadid=8452;start=0#msg175120 date=1108589886]
According to (excellent site) say that the top 13 players the texans need are:

1. Derrick Johnson
2. Pac Man Jones
3. Cedric Benson
4. Ronnie Brown
5. Shawne Merriman
6. Braylon Edwards
7. Carnell Williams
8. Marcus Spears
9. Heath Miller
10. Antrel Rolle
11. Alex Barron
12. Thomas Davis
13. Erasmus James

Comments? I know we need to improve the O - line, but thats all i know really... lol

Hey, If it wasn't for me the texans wouldnt have a thread!

You don't need any of those running backs. Domanick Davis is going to be a great running back. Good dual threat. Like Marshall Faulk but not as good (that's not an insult, nobody except maybe Barry Sanders was better than Faulk in 1999/2000).

Carr is good and Andre Johnson is elite. He'll be a top 5 receiver in no time. How the Lions will regret taking Charles Rogers.
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