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[quote author=Paul31 link=board=1;threadid=8452;start=15#msg175626 date=1108666946]
There is a guy called nfljunky, who posts under a Texans avatar, but other than him/her, it might just be you and I.

Thanks for the name check although, whilst I do have a soft spot for the Texans (and the Chargers, Lions, Cardinals, Jaguars and Dolphins) I don't really "support" any team; it's as my name suggests. I use the Avatar because I said I would draft on behalf of the Texans in the NFLUK Mock draft and felt obliged to get into the spirit of the thing.

However, as with most things on this Board, I'm very happy to conribute and have a fairly reasonable knowledge of the Texans.

I'll also dig up my earlier post on who the Texans need in the draft and post it again as it's fairly relevent here.
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