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As far as Houston’s needs are concerned the Defensive Line is an extremely competent group as it stands provided Payne is re-signed in Free agency. Walker had an average year but has the ability to bounce right back. Clearly, if Payne isn’t re-signed then NT becomes a priority. Free Agency or a high draft pick will be needed to resolve the situation but I’d rather trade a very high pick to Baltimore for Kelly Gregg (if the Ravens do decide on 4-3) or see if Hoke is available from Pittsburgh. Free Agents who might fit are Pat Williams from Buffalo or Jason Ferguson from the Jets but I’m not particularly struck on either. Depth is something of an issue but, given their positional flexibility, resigning Payne, DeLoach or preferably both would address this.

OLB isn't necessarily a need position either as both Peek & Babin have all the attributes needed in a standard 3-4 outside backer. The issue here is the system which has seen many very good OLB’s go the way of free agency; Capers conservative system calls for far too much in the way of coverage requirements from these guys. Wong does the coverage bit to perfection but has difficulties with the pass-rush as the season wears on. Remember both Foley and Posey have gone on to excellent things with other teams after struggling in Houston. With Peek coming on well it allows you to move Wong back inside which would then become a strength. Foreman is OK but Sharper (despite the media blather) is an on/off sort at best; one great game followed by an absolute stinker. Yes you’d prefer him over Foreman but he needs to miss a lot less tackles.

There’s also a lot of talk about safety too but can anybody tell me what the problem is with Glenn Earl or Marcus Coleman? I hope it isn’t the usual story of people looking for names and then not seeing any defining the position as a weakness.

In truth all three CB’s are pretty good as well. Next year will/should be fine but this year Aaron Glenn did begin to show signs of age. We all know CB’s get beaten but his performance against Cleveland was worthy of the Champ. Is he past it? No but a replacement will likely be required soon.

So why is Houston so down right average on Defence? In my view it’s because the cautious nature of the defence doesn’t fit the personnel or indeed the offence. Fangio had a good first year when everybody knew Houston was toothless on offence so played conservatively against them. As a result he looked like a genius when he’s far from it. I’m convinced a Jim Johnson, Greg Williams or Dick LeBeau would bring this unit around in no time. The personnel here is not reminiscent of Kansas City.

On Offence the big need is a receiving TE to take the load off Carr. His OL isn’t the type to give up the most sacks in the League but it pretty much did that so again everyone’s looking at Seth Wand blaming him. The truth of the matter is it takes longer to throw to a WR than a TE and Billy Miller is not a security blanket in anyone’s book. Towards the end of the season it got so bad that the Texans kept on throwing quick balls to Andre Johnson in the flat, bringing him across the middle like a TE and when he became mortal and started dropping balls so went the Houston offence. In doing this they’d effectively cut off their nose to spite their face because now they also lost their ¾ of their excellent deep game.

Would it be nice to have Willie Roaf at LT? Of course it would but recently it seems if you want a quality tackle either draft in the top five and cross your fingers or get one in Free Agency (Tra Thomas and Pace are the only two worth considering but Houston won’t get them).

I’d try and trade down to a place where Heath Miller is if that isn’t there then pick up a corner to replace Glenn in a couple of years.
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