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This just in: speculation is pointless
" unanticipated buyer might emerge. That wouldn't surprise Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, a season ticket holder.

'As I remind a lot of people locally, the NFL generally doesn't like individuals who are out there trying to promote themselves in a purchase process,' says Poloncarz, whose county owns Ralph Wilson Stadium. 'They seem to prefer owners that kind of quietly are behind the scenes. ... So it won't shock me if the sale of the team ended up going up to someone who publicly had not been identified.'"
It might've been mentioned already, but the Bills' lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium could be brokenif the owner won a court case and paid $400m compensation to Erie County, or between the 2019 and 2020 seasons they'd still have to win in court, but the amount would be 'only' $28m because of a clause in the contract.

Otherwise, the current lease runs through the 2022 season: until July 30, 2023 to be exact. And Ralph Wilson specifically asked for a new owner who would not move the team, so it would be a real shock if an owner did such a huge U-turn like that. And unpopular, in Buffalo and elsewhere I'd hope. (Who wants to play the "Bills", if the team name isn't a pun?!)


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