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But don't you think the lack of repeat wins is what makes it interesting? I'd hate American football to end-up as predictable as the Premiership often is (or the European Championships - how many teams are there in Europe? seems like only two or three......). Of course, a team that wins the Super Bowl twice in a row is special but then it also runs the risk of becoming 'boring'. I, personally, love the 'who's gonna win it this year' game. I take your point about the D. The Cowboys' game alluded to was a pretty equal O match but the Bears had a scoring D! I also think the high 'turn-over' of players during a season makes it difficult to keep a steady 'chemistry' going - so when a team 'clicks' with the same group (and the Bears by luck more than anything had that - labour disputes and all...), it is bound to be more effective than a team that constantly changes (did someone say Germany compared to England...?)(don't get me started on that one!) ;-)
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