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I have the season box-set and I think that that game shows-off how frightening the 46 was. In many respects it was an equal game but it is really the 46 defence that changed the balance when they initiated it. It is frightening to watch the 'rush', quite overwhelming (in more ways than one!). The Super Bowl itself was equally a 'tour-de-force' but with the Pats (it has been argued) less than 100%, that game was a bit of a given.

Having watched the season box-set once or twice, one game per week, you can see the evolution of that defence quite clearly and just how good it does get.

On another level - the 46 defence is not really football. However clever it was, the criticism that it made the Bears a bit of 'one-dimensional' team is true to an extent - sorry! After all, it is just one example why, on paper, the Bears should never have won a game, given all their 'issues'! That said, the fact that they won so many (and not just due to the 46) is the reason they got me into football in the first place! And all credit to Miami for working out how to beat it! Had that been done earlier in the season, I'm not so sure the outcome would be the same.
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