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Originally Posted by HCF View Post
Hey All,

New thread for the expanded 2016 season. This year we are down to one league of 16 teams. If we can get more interest throughout the season for additional players we can add in a second league once again. With that in mind, if you finish in the bottom 4 may get relegated to help set up league 2!

Confirmed teams for this season: I'll draw new divisions this Sunday with the aid of some paper and a magic hat.

Don't know who a couple of the teams belong too, please identify yourself

Others I've just sent PM's to I've used your previously listed team names for now.

Watford Phins (paul516)
Marinos Machine (Daveo_67)
Blue Lou Fins (cotters78)
A boy named Suh (Scarl)

Griese Lightning (Crash11)
Phin Phlickers (Bryanod)
Dansby's Disasters (capn)
Last Chance Saloon (????)

Blackpool Donkeys (Mike 1989)
Organised Chaos (????)
Wooden Spoon Warriors (HCF*)
Big Black Violators (Paul_Dixon)

Cetacean Nation (Neptune)
Wacko's Wolverines (WackoJackoUK)
Killer B's (FanMarino)
Upton Underachievers (Deli)
Hi , my team is Organised Chaos .
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