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I suppose I should have changed the wording of this. I didn't actually mean take legal action - I really just meant have a letter / email that was 'signed by a whole load of people or cc'd with a whole load of people.

I figured that a message with 100 users / potential users of the service that they may have to do something about it.

I guess i'm getting ahead of myself but my main issue will be when they can't deal with the regular season - I'm foreseeing streams not working, on demand games not being ready until the afternoon after they've been played. This has already happened in the preseason (the best / worst issue saw was when they took a day to get a game up and used the NFL Network stream for it so the final score was flashing across the bottom of the game as you were watching it!)

I might be wrong and it could all go really smoothly but I wanted to collect any interested people to try and get together.
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