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Originally Posted by Blue Monty View Post
So what did you make of Jerry’s bye week press conference?

I thought it was the most uncomfortable I’ve seen him with some surprising admissions. Saying the team believed it’s own hype is a poor statement coming from a GM. What he said about the OL too, basically it’s bad but there are equally as bad units on other teams so that makes it ok then....

I was expecting him to be his usual defensive but composed self, but he looked vulnerable to me, lots of stuttering and woolly answers.
He looked nervous, couldn't stand still. Tried to own it, then blamed everyone else. The Talk is Cheap podcast from give a very good rebuttal of his arguments.

The lines about the Oline were amazing. What was it? we're comparable with other offensive line? That's ok then Jerry, as long as other lines are rubbish.
We don't know if Ereck Flowers will be the left tackle of the future or something similar. What? How can you not know? I don't expect him to come out and bury Flowers, but neither he or McAdoo have in public at least challenged him to play better. Nor have they brought in any competition to him. In fact the Oline as a unit, has never coped any criticism in public.

He's got to go. The massive spend last year was down to his numerous poor drafts. They've used everything to give him more time, coordinators gone, Coughlin gone, Its time for Jerry to go. Hopefully Mara does it properly and doesn't just promote from within, so he doesn't have to sack McAdoo too.
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