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WWE is awesome at the moment gotta love it even though its so fake its silly, but love the storylines and the special moves. Cena, Orton are brilliant. Its such a laugh to watch with mates. Its brilliant!

The matches are pre determined, but there is nothing fake about being hit with a steel chair or jumping off a ladder on to concrete. Or the concussions that come with it. Remember that Droz was paralised in the ring.
Besides, most T.V. shows are fake. You don't see people making fun of Coronation Street or Casulty because they also have pre determined outcomes do you?

[move]Where are the Bungals ???[/move]

erm...but soaps dont sell themselves as being real though do they

Nor does the WWE.

[move]Where are the Bungals ???[/move]

try telling that to the kids who watch it though....if you told most 10 year olds it wasnt real, it would be akin to telling a kid that Father Christmas isnt real...the only difference is if kids didnt think it was real, no-one would buy whatever merchandise associated with wrestling.
Re: The number one in sports entertainment, the fact that sports is even mentioned there lends itself to the fact that it is sold as sport, when it quite clearly is as much of a sport as ballet is
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