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Originally Posted by nick_chicane View Post
Fournette out is a blow, but TJ Yeldon isn't exactly a disaster to have as the replacement. Its a better option than we'd have if Zeke went down.
I don't think there is that much in it between Rod Smith and Yeldon.. Smith wasn't as highly touted coming out of college, 2nd rd vs undrafted, and Yeldon has had 10 times the touches as Smith in the last 3 years, but given the chance he might suprise a few people.

The Jags offence is poor though. Imagine the Cowboys with Rod Smith at RB, and Chaz Green at LT? The Jags receiving Corp and TE group is possibly a notch below the Cowboys too! Cowboys fans have felt like the offence is a lost cause at times this year, even WITH Zeke. I dont see much hope for Jags fans until Fournette returns other than the occasional Bortles scramble or a play out of nothing from someone like Westbrook.
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