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Originally Posted by bernieg4ovp View Post
Why only in the UK is it blacked out, we are in the "EURO" etc. whats good for them in europe should be the same in the UK.
Black outs will not make me subscribe to SKY. in fact quite the opposite.

cheers for now Bernie
You've answered it yourself - Sky. They paid through the nose as they always do for things and insist on exclusivity. No other country in Europe has a TV carrier showing games (that I am aware of) insisting on such restrictions so their only option is to watch online.

I used to subscribe to Sky Sports for the playoffs but didn't last year as the blackout on Gamepass was only 1 day and have decided not to this year again. Small token and probably won't make a blind bit of difference to them but they won't get my money (which is the whole point in playoff exclusivity afterall).
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