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Originally Posted by manic_matt View Post
I also have a huge soft spot for UAB, I met their college basketball team when they were staying at the same hotel as me in Boston in 2014 and kept an eye on their progress from then on. I was genuinely gutted when the team folded, but thankfully they're back and absolutely delighted they got to a bowl this year!
I like this I also didn't enjoy reading about them deciding to fold the football team. Was great to watch this season go so well and end with their FIRST EVER bowl win!

Nice that you settled on Michigan. Thought they'd turned a positive corner this season and couldn't believe how badly they blew it vs OSU this time around.

Originally Posted by Stu_T View Post
Oregon Ducks, when I was watching games trying to find a team I watched a USC game because they were on my list and the other team was Oregon and I was blown away by how fun they were and how fast they played. Then watched a few more games and was hooked.
This seems to have been a signature of Oregon football for a long time? Nice to know how it began, as I know from other threads your love for them hasn't gone away
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