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Originally Posted by goodkarma84 View Post
right to be after that joke of a final tbh as he was jammy af (i didnt see him lift the cup so i guess you mean on something happening at that moment,) i dont dislike Novak but Federer was the better player.

the person who deserves a slap is the utter tool came up with that rule to have a tie breaker in the final set. pretty silly to avoid having a clear cut winner in a big final.

a shame as it would of completed the hattrick for a great sporting day.
the tie-breaker rule came in because in previous slams you had those ridiculous long 5th sets and players then having to play again the next day and also was it last year Novak had to play on a Saturday because the 1st semi went on for every on the Friday.

think the rule should be there for early rounds but not for finals,the French open has that rule but US open has the same 12-12 tie breaker and the aussie's go to a 10 point tie breaker at 6-6 in any final set.
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