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I'm praying that whiz will take this move as a chance to committ to the run and see if it really can sustain some drives
Same here I've put THT in my fantasy team based on this assumstion

one thing about the QB merry go round it keeps you interested enough to watch the games with a bit of enthusiasum and hopeful anticipation.

I dont think Whiz had a real choice in this anyway, he would have been ripped apart by the faithful for putting in a journeyman 3rd string QB who had had 3 days practice over the guy that has been in our system since the draft.
and personally I think it wouldn't speak very highly of what you think of Skelton to do it either.
So as long as DA was still out I think it was always going to be Skelton and quite rightly so thats why we kept the guy on th roster for exactly this situation.
I would rather we didn't have to play him but its a case of next man up now.
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