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Originally Posted by BuffaloG View Post

Orton : Is an average game manager at best, he doesnt make too many horrendous errors, but he doesnt push the play enough, but I dont think he would be gone without a proper option

Foles : The one I want, whether he is realistic I'm not sure. I hope the Eagles are stupid enough to let him go, he is a very good QB for me, and definitely good enough to win a super bowl with, he just doesnt fit the crazy Eagles system, and with respect, doesnt have the WRs he would have in Buffalo. I think if Philadelphia are willing to consider a trade, we should go for it.
These two ^

I can't (don't want to) see Orton as starter next year but I'm afraid that's what we might end up with.

I'd love to see Foles but I'm not sure what we can offer them that would get this deal done.

I want to believe in RG3, I really do, but I think he's probably a bust.
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