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Originally Posted by Tractor boys 350 View Post
Have to disagree with you British and please let me explain why

Firstly emotion: on a scale of 1-10 on stupidest things you could ever do in such a raw emotional situation sweeping the country this was a 12 if not higher, pure stupidity, however it was stupidity based on anger and deep seated mistrust and emotion and it was an act he realised was wrong when he took it down. Yes it was a dumb thing but trying to take the emotion out of this it was an emotional reaction based on life experience that me, you or quite a large percentage of people of the US could not hope to understand

It was a stupid reaction to a social situation that has plagued that country for over a century and a problem that does not look likely to be solved, this was one small added event to an already burning bridge. He reacted to a perceived in his view reality of life in the US and we don't know how real that is but events over the last few weeks or even years have done nothing to dispel that reality

Secondly: the Browns, I'm not sure in reality what they could do or should do, especially given the current CBA as well. Cutting him would be purely based on emotions and trying to placate an angry section of fans but in terms of the team or franchise or league I don't think it would really matter and it would also set a precident that both the team and the league could not step back from because the moment you cut someone for making a mistake by posting a picture you then in reality put the franchise in a position where as soon as any player makes a single mistake then you have to cut them, especially if it's something based on high emotions

Also in terms of public relations then your also treading dangerous waters, regardless of whatever reason they decided to cut it would be viewed as rich white guy acting when he knows nothing about the life of poor black guy, I'm not saying that's not a reason to not cut either but that will be one perception out there regardless of what happened

Also in practical terms I'm not sure how it would really help the team, for starters if this was a high profile player he ain't getting cut, regardless, also whilst cutting him sends a moral message out it really means nothing when another team picks him up which will happen, that moral deciscion then means little

I do agree about the pay check donation, it really means little, just like cutting a guy from a football team would mean little, what I would like to see happen is him doing real work and time in the community with the police, get him spending time with them, realising what a job they do and then have him going into the community alongside the police and spreading that message in the communities he claims to speak for

It's plain and simple to me we live in a civilised world.

This action promoted uncivilised actions from a stance that kids look up to.

You know what if he had been 13 - 18 I would understand a little of the dumb immature hateful racist reaction - but this lad is going on 24 and promoting murder!

This is worse then Roethilsberger paying off victim of rxxe instead of clearing your name.

This is a clear violation of the players contract and if the shoe had been on the other foot with roles reversed you just know the player wouldn't have a job right now.

This #34 needs locking up in an institution or facility 24/7 to think that this kind of uncivilised promotion is acceptable.

Did he take it down or did his agent it doesn't matter that it was for a short time- once it's out there it spreads like wild fire.

How the Browns think a video apology / paying off the problem in a donation / attending a police officers funeral is enough to justify these actions is beyond me.

I'm embarrassed to be associated with the club right now and can't support any people that think this was a justified response to actions such as that.

I hope the fans hit the owner where it hurts in his pocket and demonstrate around the stadium until Cleveland is no longer associated with a racist inciting murder!

NO TO #34!
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