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Originally Posted by JGregory View Post
Tom Brady "potentially" (still unproven!) knowledge about slightly reducing the air pressure of footballs in a blowout victory 2 years ago = 4 game ban, draft picks removed, major implications for the franchise and Brady's personal legacy.

Isaiah Crowell stirring racial tensions and outright promoting the murder of police officers = minimal financial penalty, video apology and maybe a slap on the wrist?

It's an absolute disgrace, it was such an uncivilised action it should have resulted in jail time never mind a loss of employment. It goes against the very moral fibre that a lot of civilised countries were built upon.

This is a grown man going on 24 years old preaching racism and murder - this has no place in society never mind a sports franchise.

I'm absolutely dumbfounded / disgusted and outraged by the Browns reaction over this. I'm so ashamed to be associated with them in any way I've cut all ties with them over their deluded stance on the matter.

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