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Originally Posted by Tractor boys 350 View Post
I'm sorry but these last few posts by both British and JGregory are examples of just how fans over react these days and ask for things whilst clearly either dismissing the context of the situation or not understanding it

Was it a horrible thing that he did, yes it was, wax it uncivilised, I guess if you look at it in the media sense of how ISIS promotes itself and western media portrays it, yes i can see that angle but IMO to see that angle you want to have to look for it

The problem here is accusations of promoting racism or murder based on racism without acknowledging the context. This wasn't some guy who just sat there one day and said hey you know what I hate all white people, especially police so I'm going to go out and incite trouble, this wasn't someone who decided he wanted to join the klan and wear bed sheets either

IMO and going on what he has said since the incident, this was someone who along with, in all probability millions of African Americans, reacted in a way to several incidents at that time, which where several incidents on top of a century and longer of inequality, at this point I will also point out, having done some research, was their not an incident within the last year of a similar nature in Cleveland and would Crowell have not reacted to that if he was being intentionally racist

So trying to put some perspective on this, yes he did a horrible thing, uncivilised possibly but then many people would say handcuffing someone then standing up, stepping back and shooting them whilst they lay on the floor was uncivilised as well

The point is, and this referes to his age, the difference between Crowell and the vast majority of African Americans was Crowell snapped and put a stupid thing up on social media, he should not have done but he made a mistake, it doesn't matter what age you are, if you see an injustice, one you believe has been commited on racial intentions then you will get angry regardless of your age, how you deal with it is different and how he dealt with it at first was bad but

He realised this by taking it down himself, he probably looked at this in the cold light of day and thought even though my beliefs remain the same that was bad to do that and since then he has shown evidence of remorse, I know that British won't believe it but I think that Crowell could do nothing to change that view

That finally brings me on to the Browns and the league who I think are doing the right thing, they realise that though it was bad it happened in a set of circumstances and a context that, pardon the pun is not black and white. From what I have read the Browns have asked him to take accountability for his actions which he appears to have done, he has spent time with the police and attended one of the funerals, again from what I have read this earnt him a lot of respect from Dallas police officers who commented that they were of the opinion that he was genuinely remorseful about his actions

Should he get game bans, possibly yes if for no other reason than to set a precident, to refer back to the pats fan analogy, I believe Brady systematically set out to lie and hinder and investigation, not the same as reacting to a highly sensitive race issue

As for Browns fans protesting and hitting the pockets of the owner, I'm not sure how that helps the team or the fans, would that not be 40 thousand plus white folks who have little or no idea of what it's like to grow up as a black person venting anger and especially given what's happened in Cleveland in the last year etc, I don't think the picture would go down well
The incident in Cleveland was not even close to being similar to theses recent events - the one in Cleveland the kid was starting to pull a fake gun from his belt towards police.

No millions of Americans didn't reacted in that way posting pictures like that, they took to the streets in protest and realised not all police are bad but these one or two should be given death penalty etc.

The type of reaction from Crowell is like from a 13 year old kid in school hating the world.

You haven't even got the facts right either they were on ground and shot. How two men can't restrain one arm each of a suspect is beyond me. Odd how the video calmly turns away then turns back and we don't see who did what and if his right hand was reaching for the gun

The other video is taking someone's word for it what's gone on beforehand with the guy laying there.

In both cases why aren't the police trying fist aid when they have clearly disabled the situation? Just standing there watching someone die is beyond belief. They should be paramedic trained in my opinion just like the firefighters trained in 2 jobs.

He put his feelings up there at the time and didn't care - all apology is to make sure he still gets paid. When angry real feelings come out and he showed his true colours, unlike every other personality that reacted in a different way.

In 99% of normal people's mind that was not the first reaction they had in hate and spread violence.

There has to be a punishment for that reaction as it gives free reign to any numpty to spread anything without conciseness ?

There's been no punishment at all - that's what I can't get my head round- shoe on the other foot and the player would be out the door.

The proof was there in black and white and the club should have fired him or suspended him on the spot after admitting all his doing.

Then appeals / circumstances / actions since come into play - but to sit there and do nothing apart from a meeting saying you need to do this or that etc is ridiculous given the guilty plea and evidence there.

Instant suspension or dismissal breach of conduct in contract - appeal - then start the process of overturning it or not.

To do nothing really just makes me think this softly softly approach can't and really shouldn't be the response to this action.

In the news I see Rice wants back in- they you go Cleveland we can start to build our own little team now. Take Roethilsberger on when he starts to get on a bit and we'll almost have the full set. :-(

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